PipeJetz™ Versatile Air Powered Drain Plunger 💧
PipeJetz™ Versatile Air Powered Drain Plunger 💧
PipeJetz™ Versatile Air Powered Drain Plunger 💧
PipeJetz™ Versatile Air Powered Drain Plunger 💧
PipeJetz™ Versatile Air Powered Drain Plunger 💧

PipeJetz™ Versatile Air Powered Drain Plunger 💧

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Versatile PipeJetz™: Customer's Drain Savior!



- Sadie, Bristol, UK ✅ Verified Buyer

"I was tired of calling the plumber every month to unclog my bathroom sink. With PipeJetz, I fixed it myself. The delivery was super quick; I got my PipeJetz in just 3 weeks. That was a pleasant surprise. I can't believe how versatile PipeJetz™ is! It works on sinks, showers, and even the kitchen drain. Now I don't dread dealing with clogs."



- Isaac, Columbus, USA ✅ Verified Buyer

"With PipeJetz, I fixed my toilet clog within minutes. No chemicals, no mess. PipeJetz is eco-friendly, keeping my pipes and the planet clean! It's a must-have. I'm telling everyone in Columbus about it!"



- Declan, Lyon, France ✅ Verified Buyer

"This is a total game-changer for unclogging sinks and toilets! PipeJetz clears clogs lightning fast. It used to be a workout, but now it takes less than a minute. Just add air, insert, and it's done with a click. I highly recommend it for hassle-free unclogging. Once you try PipeJetz, you won't go back!"



 - Giselle, Greenville, USA ✅ Verified Buyer

"I'm never borrowing my neighbor's plunger again. I bought two of them, one for each bathroom. PipeJetz is my go-to for hassle-free drain cleaning! It was so easy to use, and BAM, the water flowed smoothly." 

Reliable Solution for Frustrating Toilet Clogging Issues!

We understand how pesky it can be to have your toilet randomly catch a clog causing you to be stuck doing potty work for a while. It can be frustrating to be going at it for a long amount of time just to have a splash of poop water come onto the skin, yuck!


According to an article by The Daily Mail, the top hated chore is cleaning the toilet at 41.8%, following the oven at 40.5%, and then windows at 39.85%.

PipeJetz™: The Cleaner, Faster Drain Solution!

With PipeJetz™, welcome the feeling of relief whenever it's time to unclog any drain around the house!

Buildup of Air Pressure ➡ Sealing the Drain ➡ Release of High-Pressure Air ➡ Forceful Clearing Action ➡ Clog Removal

With a simple and user-friendly design that saves energy through air pressure utilization, it makes the drain cleaning process a much more clean and less time-consuming task.


✅ SIMPLE ASSEMBLE: Due to its user-friendly and simple design, setting up the PipeJetz™ for the first time is more than easy to follow. This simple build helps preserve time and focuses on making the unclogging process seamless.

✅ QUICK OPERATION: ‎PipeJetz™ uses high-pressure air to effectively clear out pipes from the inside out due it its attachable air pump. Now cleaning waste is a quicker and more effective task that can be done in just minutes! 

✅ ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Due to its fully air-powered design made to be that of a plunger but even better, PipeJetz™ virtually saves power and doesn't require any electricity. This makes it operate just as if it was an old-school plunger but much more effectively. 

✅ MULTIFUNCTIONAL: ‎With such a portable and compact design, PipeJetz™ can be used in many instances whether it may be the toilet, sink drain, bath drain, and more! This expands the use of PipeJetz™'s use and helps make the house cleaner in all areas of the house. 


1. Open ‎the PipeJetz™ package.
2. Remove 
all components from packing.
3. Apply
 angle connector onto PipeJetz™.
4. Then apply the preferred drain head onto the connector.
5. Add pressure and fill to recommended air pressure level.
Apply onto the drain and shoot PipeJetz™!
7. Rinse and repeat & enjoy quick and fast plunging.


Color: White
Material: ABS
Product size: 52*15*9.5cm


(1) PipeJetz™

(1) Inflator 

(1) Connector 

(1) Sink Dredging Head 

(1) Toilet Dredging Head 

(1) Floor Drain Dredging Head

Tailoring Air Pressure to Match Different Pipes for Unclogging